Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hi folks,

I received a wonderful email yesterday. It was from Jennifer S. Wilkov who hosts the #1-rated show on WomensRadio called “Your Book Is My Hook.” She invited me to be her on-air guest for two interviews, which will air back-to-back. I’m psyched!

Turns out, she read a recent review of my book Hooked that appeared last week in the Seattle PI from a posting on, written by Raquel Byrnes (which you can see here: Raquel, if you’re reading this… THANK YOU!

This is just too cool. Ms. Wilkov’s audience is a loyal following of cross-industry professionals, authors, writers, agents and editors, and her show is #1 on the network. I’m in high cotton! These are my peeps…

Just a few of her past guests have included such well-known writing industry personages as Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks), Deb Brody (Harlequin), David Hancock (Morgan James Publishing), Larry Goldbetter (President of the National Writer’s Union), Phil Sexton (Publisher & Community Leader at Writer’s Digest), Peter Rubie (Fine Print Literary Management), Katherine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Agency), Elizabeth Pomada & Michael Larsen (Larsen Pomada Literary Agents), Jennifer DeChiara (Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), Elizabeth Fowler (Clear Pictures Entertainment), Mike Sacks (Editorial Staff Member at Vanity Fair and Author) and many others.

Past prominent authors she has interviewed include Julia Cameron (International Bestselling Author), Debbie Macomber (#1 New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author), Jason Pinter (Bestselling Author), Victoria Moran (Oprah-featured Author of ten books including an international bestseller), Suzy Welch (3-time NY Times Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker at the WBENC 2010 Annual Conference), Brunonia Barry (NY Times Bestselling Multiple Award-Winning Novelist), Carla Neggers (NY Times Bestselling Romance Suspense Author), Carley Roney (co-founder & Editor-in-Chief at The and others.

And now… me…

We’ll be prerecording two interviews of 10-15 minutes each this Monday and it will air on her show during the week of May 16th. The first interview will be as an industry professional, re: the art and craft of writing as a writer’s coach, and in the second interview, about my own experiences as an author with a focus on my book Hooked.

As it turns out, Jennifer and I have something else in common other than being writers.

She did time, too.

In Riker’s Island.

You can read about her amazing journey on her website at:

Inspiring story!

I’ll post how to reach her show and when it comes on. She also has a blog containing the interviews and a blogpost I wrote for her on story beginnings.

And, the main problem was I had to locate a landphone for us to do the interview on… and we don’t have one. All of us at our house only have cell phones. Landphones seem to attract creditors… Finally, I was able to locate one—at my mother-in-law Jane’s house. Turns out it’s nestled between a mound of dinosaur poop and the pterodactyl cage… (Kidding... sort of. I mean, who has a landline any more? Well, Jane, thank God!).

Anyway, I just wanted to share this exciting news with you folks. My son Mike and I were interviewed for two days in a row a few years ago on MSNBC-News over youth baseball and that was cool, but I’m more pumped about this. I’ve got more of a radio face… I think it will air Tuesday, May 17 at 9 am ET.

I’ll post more after our interview about how it went and how many cigarettes I had to smoke to keep my cough down…


Paul D Brazill said...

Smashing! Oh, that's a hell of a woman.

Les Edgerton said...

Funny, Paul!

Folks, for those of you who may not be aware of who Paul D. Brazill is, well, let me say that when he drops in I feel as though I'm in church and God just stopped by. He is one of the very best noir writers in the entire galaxy! I don't often get star-struck, but I do with this guy!

Paul D Brazill said...

Les, your FAR too kind. Reading Monday's meal at the moment-as well as Hooked and The Bitch- now THAT is writing.

A lot of people say I'm not in touch with my feminine side, but I regularly feel like a man trapped in a woman's body.Then she sobers up.


Raquel Byrnes said...

That is so awesome, Les! Woo hoo!
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Les Edgerton said...

RAQUEL!!!!! YOU are the reason I got invited! I can't begin to thank you enough! I've also never used so many exclamation marks in my life. Not even in an entire novel.

Seriously, Raquel, you are my heroine. This is a huge thing for my career and I have you to thank for it. Folks, if you haven't read Raquel's post, it's listed in the blogpost. What can I do to repay you? I can't afford Cristal or Dom Perignon... would you settle for a Red Bull?

You... ROCK!!!

Raquel Byrnes said...

LOL! Red Bull. You can repay me by knocking the socks off those radio people. So happy for you. =)

Anne Gallagher said...

Congratulations! This is fantastic news. And just think, I almost know you. (Yay Vermont!)

And I have a landphone. One that works even if the power goes out. It's almost a rotary.

Congrats again, Les. Only blue skies, man, only blue skies.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Anne! We make a lot of noise for a tiny school, don't we!

You have a landline? Those are worth a lot of money, I hear... in antique stores... (just bustin' your chops!)

Sarah Faurote said...

Fantastic! I will be listening and damn it is going to be cool. Les, you're getting so famous, I hope you still say hello and such. You are a rock star. I am star-struck when I'm with you. I am thankful to call you "friend."

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Sarah. Yeah... "rock star"... some rock star when I'm tone-deaf and the one time I was asked to audition for a band, I was asked to bring my axe... and I brought an actual axe... Whadda I know? Music career stopped before it got started...Main thing is, I'm delighted to have you as a friend as well.

Christine Danek said...

Congrats Les! What a great opportunity. Can't wait to hear it.

Helen Ginger said...

Fabulous, Les! I predict this will lead to your own radio show.

Sally Clements said...

Cool! Mucho impressedo, Les!

Sally Clements said...

And Paul, ewwwwww!

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Christine, Helen, Sally! I appreciate your support. The interviews went extremely well and I was going to post on them, but am waiting until Monday when I get links to the broadcast and other material. I also wrote a blog entry for her and will be offering as a freebie to those who email me a chapter for my next writing book, "A Fiction Writers Workshop at the Bijou" as a freebie. Stay tuned!

And, you're right, Sally. I'm in awe of everybody who visits here, but Paul D. Brazill is a God to us noir writers. He just sent me a truly terrific blurb for my noir novel, THE BITCH. I'm in Eighth Heaven (one rung above Seventh...)