Friday, July 1, 2011


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The inaugural issue of NOIR NATION is about ready to launch! This is one of the most exciting developments taking place in literature. I’m extremely proud to have a story included. A couple of my writing buddies have stories in it as well—Paul D. Brazill and J.J. Toner. These stories come from all over the world—for instance, Paul lives in Poland and James in Dublin. And, as most of you know, I live in the international, cosmopolitan city of Fort Hooterville…

The chief editor is Eddie Vega in Brooklyn, and the other editors are Cort McMeel in Denver and Alan Ward Thomas in P:rague.

Click on the link and see their trailer. It kicks butt!

Here’s what the folks of NOIR NATION have to say about themselves:

'Noir Nation aims to create a journal of crime fiction supported by an interactive community-building Web site. The Web site will also feature short original works of film noir.

We decided to pursue a digital platform because there are many places in the world with roads that are difficult to travel, which lead sometimes to poorly stocked bookstores and libraries.

Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime Fiction would be delivered electronically anywhere in the world that can receive either cable or wireless communications signals.

The magazine will be professionally edited and designed so that readers can engage immediately with the writing and art and the ideas they convey rather than having to overcome natty typos and badly formatted paragraphs that slow the velocity of their enjoyment.

Why crime noir? There is currently no periodic publication on an international scale satisfying readers' hunger for works of well-wrought literary fiction that explore the dark side of human experience, and that does so while pursuing its own aesthetic ends, rather than the legitimate but sometimes competing interests of the marketing departments of commercial publishing houses.

To accomplish our goals, we will rely on local and internationally based writers and visual artists and graphic designers to create, edit, and lay out the magazine in a format that will be delivered to e-book reading devices, including the Kindle, the iPad, and smartphones. This venture will be supported by a Web site that will invite bloggers and other writers to share information and commentary about developments in the noir and crime writing community. A keen eye and a good rapport with readers and artists will ensure that Noir Nation will have a steady supply of the best crime fiction being written today'.

I took the above from Paul D. Brazill’s blog at

Writers of, and lovers of, noir and crime fiction should visit their Facebook page at

I’ll let you know the instant the first edition becomes available. Trust me—this will be a magazine you'll want to get your hands on!

These are the same folks who have founded the new press, BARE KNUCKLES PRESS, who are publishing my novella, THE RAPIST. I’ll have a future post about that soon.

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