Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi folks,

My beautiful and talented daughter, Britney, sent me this link to the best article I've ever read on the writing process. You simply have to read this! Go to:

Thought you could use a chuckle Dad.
There are a lot of questions and answers for new authors out there on the internet, but they always seem to dance around the subject in the name of preserving some sort of artistic mystique. As is the case with all nice things, I would like to ruin that tradition. I'll talk to you about the publishi

...and then let me know what you thought.

Blue skies,

Everything is Going to Kill Everybody

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Anonymous said...

From my Dad's experiences as a published author, that sounds about right. Still, I'm looking forward to being published "soon". Also, I'm afraid to admit I had the same perception concerning research for fiction as Brockway pokes fun at. "Five minutes and easy peasy!" Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha! I spent six months in research, a year in trying to come up with my opening scene (between being unemployed), and I've spent the last week banging out over 50,000 words, just to find that 90% of it has to be rewritten (and the rest still written) before I can even call it a halfway decent first draft. It must be a sickness, but I don't necessarily want to be well, if that's the case.