Tuesday, August 9, 2011

JUST LIKE THAT is available!

Hi folks,

It's official--JUST LIKE THAT is now available on Amazon! My other novel from StoneGate Publishing--THE PERFECT CRIME--should appear shortly.

I'd like to ask folks who plan on buying either to wait until Saturday at 10 am EST to purchase their copies. I'm told that if a number of buyers purchase at the same time that helps create a "bestseller" on their lists. If you'd like either of them quicker, don't worry about it, though!

Also, if you'd click on the "Like" button, I'm told that helps. And, of course, if anyone wants to write a review that would be wonderful and I'll be over to your house to thank you in person and I'll bring the beer!

I'm excited and nervous and mostly a bundle of jangled nerves right now, waiting to see how they sell.

This is a novel I'm really proud of. It's about 80-85% autobiographical and covers a road trip I took years ago when I got out of Pendleton.

Thanks for your support!

Blue skies,

Had the first review posted, by Eddie Vega!

Ex-felon Les Edgerton knows the internal workings of the criminal mind, and with lean muscular prose he has written a book about it. While there are many qualities that make this book worth reading -- certainly the writing itself, which is excellent throughout, and the plot which moves with the kick of a 45 cal. bullet, -- what I most appreciated was its effort in coming to terms with the most perplexing of evils, those spur of the moment just-like-that crimes not motivated by necessity or reason but by some primal source that gives the lie to the perfectibility of mankind.

And, an interview will appear sometime today on the Criminal e blog at http://criminal-e.blogspot.com/
Thanks, Allan Guthrie!


Sally Clements said...

Yay! That's fantastic news, Les! I'll work out what time that converts to in my part of the planet, and buy on Saturday. Congratulations!

Les Edgerton said...

Thank you so much, Sally!

Sarah Faurote said...

Hi Les! I cannot wait to read it. Your time is now. Words are endless and you have stepped into the dream - a writer's immortality! We need to talk soon. Life if really heavy now. Life is really great. Charles Dickens had it right. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Talk to you soon, brother. Peace.

Les Edgerton said...

Pshaw, Sarah. Dang, girl! I'm speechless...

Robin B. said...

This is great news! I'm putting a link on Facebook.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks for helping spread the word, Robin!