Monday, August 29, 2011


Hi folks,

Just want to announce the inaugural issue of the groundbreaking emagazine, NOIR NATION, is now available! This has been a long-awaited event.

Eddie Vega
Managing Editor, Western Hemisphere
Cortright McMeel
Managing Editor, Eastern Hemisphere
Alan WardThomas
Design Director
Michaela Thomas

I am pleased and honored to have a story in the inaugural issue, along with many of the "stars" of noir from all over the world. Check out this lineup of contributors! You'll see quite a few of the folks who've graced this humble blog.

No. 1

Art & Illustrations
Danda (Czech Republic) and Hamlet Zurita (Ecuador)

Birth of a Nation ~ Eddie Vega (U.S., Cuba)

FTW ~ Scott Wolven (U.S.)
Surgeons ~ Tristan Davies (U.S.)
Who Killed Skippy ~  Paul D. Brazill (Poland)
The End of the Trail (Classic Reprint) ~ Bonnie Parker (U.S.)
Gone is Gone ~ Leah Chamberlain  (U.S.)
Pit Stop ~ Les Edgerton (U.S.)
Dog of a Different Breed ~ R.F. Farrell (Canada)
Work ~  Kevin Hardcastle (Canada)
A Love Supreme ~  Jean Charbonneau (Canada)
Trompe L’Oeil ~ Stephen Gibson (U.S.)
Cross ~ Tim Gibson (U.S.)
Lethal Injection ~ Kevin Levites (U.S.)
The Struggle ~ Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria)
Four Pairs of Shoes ~ Gerald Heys (England, Czech Republic)
Jelly Babies ~ JJ Toner (Ireland)
Noir Nano: Four 60-word stories ~ Bianca Bellova (Czech Republic)

Ten Questions for Scott Wolven ~ Cortright McMeel (U.S.)

Black Becomes Blacker: The Darkening of Noir ~ J. Madison Davis (U.S.)
Why Noir Now ~ Alan Ward Thomas (U.S., Czech Republic)

Noir Forum
Noir Nation invited writers, editors, and consumers of crime fiction to
address the following question: Must crime fiction have a moral point? These
are their responses.

Don’t Preach Anywhere Near Me ~ Melodie Campbell (Canada)
Crime Must Have Consequences ~ Wendy A. Reynolds (U.S.)
Awareness of Values Does Not Mean You Have to Play Nice ~ Ann Littlewood (U.S.)
It is Not Easy to Know What is Good and Right ~ Ann Cleeves (UK)
Noir heroes don’t uphold moral codes, they are their victims ~ Linton Robinson (U.S.)
Noir is not about morality but about personal codes ~ Joe Trigoboff (U.S.)

Graphic Novel
Fired on Deadline ~ Jon Danko, Writer (U.S.) and Danda, Illustrator (Czech Republic)

Get a copy today! You'll be glad you did.

Blue skies,


J. Nelson Leith said...


I think that's the fastest I've ever tapped my Kindle app.

Les Edgerton said...

Cool! Hope you enjoy the stories! If you got my novel JUST LIKE THAT, you'll recognize my story in NN as being an excerpt from that.