Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hi folks,

Nearly every day, it seems, I discover another wonderful blog or other Internet site and I discovered one a couple of weeks ago that is absolutely first rate. I’m referring to Giovanni Gelati’s online radio show at known as “The G-Spot.” I found it when we connected via Twitter and began chatting and Giovanni generously asked me to be interviewed on it. I’ll be chatting with him on October 18 at 4 pm—not sure when it will be available, but I’ll keep you posted. It may be live for all I know now and if not it’ll be shortly available on the site.

Just listened to a great interview Giovanni had with noir master Chris Rhatigan. Absolutely riveting stuff from one of the most respected names in hard-boiled and noir short fiction! Check it out in the archives on the site. Chris is one of the “forces” in noir—both for his own writing and for his blog at 

Hope you folks tune in to hear the dulcet voice stylings of moi…

Blue skies,

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Luca Veste said...

I'll mark the date on my calender. If you talk as well as you write, it'll be a fascinating listen.

And you're right about Chris...excellent writer, with a big future!