Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi folks,

Couple of things going on today you might want to check out.

First, I’d recommended my friend Lisa Lieberman Doctor to Jennifer Wilkov to be interviewed on her radio blog show on WomensRadio and it’s up! To listen to a truly brilliant writer and Hollywood executive who operated at the highest levels of filmland and television delivering useful information for both screenwriters and novelists, listen to her interview at http://www.womensradio.com/episodes/Your-Book-Is-Your-Hook!--Military-Wife-and-Author-Plus-A-Creative-Writing-Coach/10632.html

Second, I’ll be participating in my second interview today at 6 pm EST on Giovanni Gelati’s radio blog show The GZone. This should be like a fart in a skillet, as I suggested to Gio that instead of just interviewing me, he might consider some other folks as well, in a panel setting. So, it’ll be moi, plus Cort McMeel and Eddie Vega, founders of Bare Knuckle Press and Noir Nation Magazine, along with Sandra Ruttan and Brian Lindenmuth of Spinetingler Magazine and Snubnose Press. I’ve got stuff coming out from all of these guys, so it should be kind of interesting. Listen to us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gelatisscoop. The interview goes live at 6, but if you miss it, it’ll be in the archives and readily available. I’m kind of excited about this and hope lots of you tune in.

Blue skies,


Julia Madeleine said...

What a great panel! I'll be tuning in for this. :)

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Julia. I'm knee-deep in your (wonderful!) novel at the moment.

Luca Veste said...

Wow, that's a must listen tonight!

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Luca. And, I'm on Cloud Nine after your comment on THE RAPIST. Julia just gave me a wonderful blurb on it, too. You guys just totally rock!

Maegan said...

Hi Les,
I just listened to your Gzone interview... what a panel! It's exciting (and a little comforting) to know that there are editors and agents out there that aren't afraid to take a chance on unknown authors and that there are still people out there that see quality in writing as the ultimate goal, not just piles of money to roll around in... although, the money would be nice. Gives me hope!! I'm so excited for you and wish you continued success (and a pile of money.)

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Maegan--all these folks are interested in is in good books and good writing. They're what publishers should be about. You know of course that when your novel is finished I want to recommend you to them... If you keep writing it as you have so far, it'll find a home.

Maegan said...

Since I know in what high esteem you hold them, a recommendation--from you--to them, would mean the world. That you would even consider it puts me over the moon. Hope to do you proud!