Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi folks,

For nine days, my new novel, THE BITCH has been #1 in the Preditors and Editors Thriller Category Awards. With the last day of voting today, every day I watched the standings nervously, especially as other novels moved up. There’s no way of knowing if I had a big lead or a tiny one, but it was still there.

Until last night. Last night, I took my wife Mary out for her birthday dinner, along with our son Mike and his girlfriend Chelsea. When we got home, I did as always and checked the list.

THE BITCH had slipped to second place…

I went to bed as low as I’ve been in a long time. So close…

But, my students at the online class I teach got together and began asking their friends and family to vote (it’s one vote per email address so you can’t stuff the ballot box, which is a good thing). I know it was because of their effort as they were the only ones I notified before I went to bed. I’d planned today to post this on the blog and FB and see if we could make a comeback.

My class people are the folks I want to be in the foxhole with!

I know many of you have been there with me as well. I can’t begin to tell you how much your loyalty means to me!

Well, this ayem I got up and checked the standings… and we’re back in first place! I know it’s tenuous and may not hold—the person in second is undoubtedly rallying his troops and doing everything he can to pass me again. So I’m making one more plea for your help.

If you haven’t voted yet or if you have friends or relatives you don’t mind asking for their vote, here’s what you do.

Scroll down until you see The Bitch by Les Edgerton and click on the box at it. Scroll down further and enter your name and email address. Scroll down more and enter the two security words and then submit your vote. You’ll get an email then from them and in it is a link you just click on and it takes you back to their site and informs you your vote has counted.

That’s it.

Voting ends today—not sure what time it ends—so if you can take a few minutes to help me out it would be hugely… and I mean HUGELY appreciated!

Now. I’m going to go to a dark room, pull a blanket over my head and not come out until midnight. The suspense is killing me!

Thank you, each and every one of you who did me this immense favor. I owe ya!

Blue skies,

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