Saturday, January 28, 2012

New reviews of THE BITCH and an interview

HI folks,

I wanted to share with you a review that just came out today from noir-master, Nigel Bird, for my novel, THE BITCH. To use Paul D. Brazill's excellent term--I'm chuffed! Thank you so much, Nigel!

And, then there's another wonderful post on it from Anne Gallagher at:

Also, I did an interview with writer Karen Lenfestey yesterday and you can read it on her blogsite at

There's even a photo of an ugly dude and of Karen... She asked me what coffee shop I wanted to meet at and I told her my son Mike's Starbucks where he works... She was going to take the photo inside and Mike told us Starbucks would sue us if we took photos inside their premises. Nice, Mike...

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