Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bri Clark's Blog

Hi folks,

If you get a chance, slide on over to Bri Clark's blog at where she had me on as her guest. I talk about hiring and firing agents and the response has been super. Bri just told me the post had over 485 hits in a 24-hour period, so it looks as if it's interesting to some.

Please join in the conversation going on there.

Alas, as you probably know, Jake and the JUST LIKE THAT team made it to the Elite Eight but no further in the Spinetingler Magazine Novel Tourney. I don't feel that badly about it... well, maybe a little... because some dynamite books beat me out. It was an honor to even be included in the tourney and to make it that far was super.

The good news is that we made enough on our winnings for our intrepid head cheerleader, Sandi, that she was able to get her much-needed botox treatment. The bad news is that we weren't able to earn enough for her to obtain the NoMoHair Dipilitory Wonder Machine she so desperately needed to treat her tragic condition of Excessive Hair Gene. Hank is still being called upon to shave her back hair every Friday night.

UPDATE! We've just learned that Hank has proposed to Sandi and they're going to get married in Marina Del Rey! It turns out, Hank has learned to love Sandi's backhair and was secretly happy he was going to continue in his capacity as her Personal Shaver. There will be an article appearing in the next issue of People Magazine, with a heartwarming photo of the couple, standing in shallow water at Santa Monica, both digging their toes into the sand and staring soulfully out to sea, thinking what we all know are thoughts of love. Good going, Hank and Sandi! We love you guys!

The word is, that after the wedding ceremony, everyone will be invited back to their suite at the Wyndham Bel Age to witness Hank ministering a Bic to Sandi's back. Complimentary champagne to all the attendees!

And, Jake still hasn't been spotted after we placed in the Elite Eight. We're all praying he shows up at the nuptials. Last seen, he was stumbling down the block in the direction of the Gin Mill. One can only guess what happened there...

See ya on Bri's blog!

Blue skies,


Carl Brush said...

This is for Sandi--I understand that waxing is the new shaving. Expensive in terms of candles, but you can find other really interesting uses for that strop.

Les Edgerton said...

Sandi don't do no dang waxing! She's a traditionalist. Although, she confided to me that occasionally, when pressed for time she has waxed her mustache...

And, she does have a strop and it was a present from Hank. Weird, though... no razor has ever touched it. Go figure...