Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi folks,

I am genuinely and 100% jazzed, stoked, excited, pumped... you apply the proper word... that I'll be reading my work (from THE BITCH) at Noir at the Bar at Subterranean Books in St. Louis on Saturday, April 28! It's going to be a transcendental experience. Noir at the Bar! This is the Valhalla of venues for noir writers. I'll be reading along with Cort McMeel and David James Keaton and one more writer, as yet unnamed.

Check out the announcement at

This is Jed Ayres' venue--he who writes brilliantly himself and has a world-class column for Barnes & Noble and other places. I feel exactly like Sally Fields must have. I get it now, Sally!

If anyone reading this may be there, lemme know! I'm not going to get any sleep until then.

Guess I should act all cool and act as Bear Bryant advised his football players to behave when scoring a touchdown--to "act like you've been there before," but I'll be damned. I haven't been and I'm spiking the ball and the coach can yell at me all he wants for drawing a penalty on the kickoff.

Sue me, Coach...

It's Noir at the Bar!

Blue skies,


jedidiah ayres said...

Bring it, Edgerton. The Bitch rocked

Les Edgerton said...

That's what she said...

You've been talking to Cort, haven't you? He lies is all I can say...