Friday, April 13, 2012



Hi folks,

Well, you folks did it! Thanks to you, my thriller THE PERFECT CRIME has just hit #1 in Free Kindle Sales in the Hard-boiled category and #23 overall in all sales! I’m thrilled! Hope folks enjoy it and will return to plunk down some cash for my other stuff. Check it out at:

In the U.K. market, it’s #4 in the Hard-boiled category. Thanks to my friends across the pond!

And, stuff keeps on a’happenin’

Not everyone will be irritated, but some might…

Carl asks my opinion on noir and other subjects and I give it to him…l

And, then we have a few openings for the next Skype class that author Jenny Milchman and I co-teach for the New York Writer’s Workshop on story beginnings and getting published that begins next Wednesday. If interested, here’s the link for the class with all the info:

As those who visit here regularly know, we’re about to come out with an ebook version of my Writer’s Digest book, FINDING YOUR VOICE. Probably next week. As it happens, a writer just put out a blog post on it—talk about timely!—that you might want to check out. Read Linda Cassidy Lewis’ opinion of it at:

And, lastly, voting continues over at Spinetingler Magazine. If you haven’t yet, please consider going over and casting a vote for Best Novel for my thriller THE BITCH in the Legends category at :

Lots of good stuff! Some bad stuff, too… The phone company just notified us if we don’t make a payment today the phone gets shut off. And you thought all that stuff up above translated into BIG AUTHOR BUCKS… Yeah, right… Just part of life… (The sucky part…). But, whenever stuff like that happens I just think of all the nice things that are happening and it balances out.

Hope everyone’s writing is going well for them this week!

Blue skies,