Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hi folks,

Been down lately! When I returned from Noir @ the Bar, I found I'd been suffering from bronchitis for a couple of weeks. Just got that cleared up and it returned, along with pneumonia. Been hard to do much work, but fortunately I've got a great bunch of writers in my online workshop and they've allowed me to skate quite a bit! Same with the folks I'm privileged to work with in the Skype class I co-teach with Jenny Milchman--just very understanding people! Now, I've got the "old man's lineup" of pills facing me every day and it's a bear to remember when to take this, how long until I can take another, what to eat, when... yadda, yadda, yadda... Getting old ain't much fun, kids!

Today, I'm excited to appear before the members of the Boulder (CO) Writer's Workshop for a webcam presentation with president Lori DeBoer. Sorry I can't invite folks, but I'll try to report how it went. Just saw that it's full, even for members, so I better take some more medicine--honey! Where did you put the Jack Daniels? Anyway, at 3 EST, I'll be over at

You might want to check them out and consider joining. They're a wonderful and vibrant group and offer all kinds of goodies to writers. Tell 'em I sentcha, okay?

I keep popping up in really cool places. Just had a great piece on some of my books over  at that you may find interesting.

And, then, a new interview just came up over at Luis Vera's new blog you may get a kick out of, at A blog titled "A Knife and Quill" has to be cool!

Should be seeing a new book from me from StoneGate Ink soon. It's a YA--yeah, I wrote a YA--wanna make something of it? Kidding, folks! Actually, I wrote it for my daughter Britney when she was a little tadpole and never thought of publishing it... until a couple of years ago when she brought it up and told me that it was four years after reading it that she could look into a mirror for more than 15 seconds. That's when I got the idea that if it scared her that much (and, believe me--Britney's fearless), that it might be publishable. And, Aaron Patterson of StoneGate agreed. It's about a teenaged girl who finds out she has a mirror twin and the twin talks her into trading places... but then won't let her out. It's titled... ready?... MIRROR, MIRROR. Don't know if it'll sell or not--there aren't any vampires in it nor any teen sex. We'll see...

Got some other stuff coming up. I'll be the fiction presenter at the Antioch Writer's Workshop in Ohio for the week of July 7-13. They have a terrific program for all kinds of writers and I'm pretty sure they still have openings available if interested. I'd love it if some of you guys showed up and we can meet in person! Check it out at

Then, it gets hinky! The day after I get back home, I'm driving down to Franklin,Indiana to appear at the Midwest Romance Writer's Workshop. I've done this one before and am always extremely impressed at the total professionalism the writers who gather there present. This is a group of writers who are more focused on the craft of writing than any other group I've been privileged to be around.

Well, gotta rest up and take some more "medicine" before showtime this afternoon.

Blue skies,


The Cat Bastet said...

Get well soon, Les!

Cathy AJ

Heath Lowrance said...

You're a busy man!
Hope you get better soon, Les, and keep those pills straight.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks Cat and Heath! Jack has always been my miracle drug... Seems to be helping...

Sarah Faurote said...

Hi Les! I was thinking of calling you for some drinking and writing time. I think you need more rest time. Don't pull any bullshit like getting super sick. I would die without you, Buddy!

I watched Hemingway and Gellhorn last night. I liked it when Gellhorn was having writer's block and Hemingway said, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I'm bleeding, my brother. Let me know if we could get some coffee or tea on Friday or Saturday. Sounds like you are busy, but hey ho - let me know.