Saturday, April 20, 2013

Death of my brother

Hi folks,

I just received word that one of my two best friends in the world has taken his own life. I won't post anything about this wonderful man and my "brother" until I find out all the facts, but the world has lost a great, great writer, my mentor and my champion in all things literary. He was one of the world's best literary minds that has ever existed.

I'm devastated to my core. All I can feel at this time is profound grief. As soon as I find out the entire situation, I'll post more. It may be that his family will need some financial help and if so I may make an appeal to his fellow writers and the readers who loved this man and his work.

At this time, I won't tell his name until I know that it's all right to do so.




I am so sorry Les for the loss of your" Brother." Prayers are with you and the Family. It has been a devastating week all around! Blessings,

Scott Phillips said...

I just can't believe this.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Country and Scott. The world is a worse place than it was. Just got off the phone with his first cousin, George Clark and got the details. I'm preparing a tribute but wanted to pass it by the family before I did to make sure it was okay with them.

Park Hill said...

This is all great, except for one detail.

My kids go to school with his kids and he managed to end his own pain at the expense of a lifetime of pain for innocents.