Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just A Guy That Likes To Read: Review: THE BITCH by Les Edgerton

Just A Guy That Likes To Read: Review: THE BITCH by Les Edgerton:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: THE BITCH by Les Edgerton 

THE BITCH largely refers to the three strikes rule of incarnation. Doing two bits previously,  Jake Bishop wants to avoid a third, the bitch, which would effectively end his existence on the outside and possibly his life.

A safe cracking thief extraordinaire, Jake has long moved on from his criminal ways in favour of family life and the dream of owning his own business; a hair salon. When a former cellmate makes contact, pleading for Jake's help before resorting to blackmail, Jakes' peaceful, wholesome existence is shattered; the shards slicing and ending any resistance to the unlawful activities that precluded his current predicament.

Enter diamonds and the promise of a big pay-off - the kind that triggers a life-changing experience and Jake's life is about to be a whole lot more complicated.

There is so much to like about THE BITCH; the family mentality of the apprehensive protagonist, the unfortunate and innocent victims of the greedy, and the unassuming and almost (emphasis on 'almost) justification of easy murder to sustain a goal and fulfill a promise.

Author Les Edgerton has crafted a beautifully written noir that pulls at the heart strings while satisfying the equally opposite feeling for bloodshed paramount to this sub genre of crime fiction.

THE BITCH was my first foray into the dark and twisted world of fiction created by Les Edgerton and it certainly won’t be the last.

** A note on the New Pulp Press cover art - I love it when the art of crime novels are relevant to the story. THE BITCH really nails this one. Relevant and effective.
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