Friday, February 13, 2015

Birthday presents...

Hi folks,

It's my birthday today and the first thing I'm going to do tomorrow is remove my birthday from FB, LinkedIn and other social sites... Well, not really, but man are my fingers sore from typing thank you's to all the happy birthday wishes that poured in. Seriously, I appreciate each and every one, but next year, I think I'll just announce it myself on FB and then check in every so often to thank a bunch of people at a time. You folks who've had your b-day pop up on social media know whereof I speak...

And, so... in a twist on birthday presents, I'd like to give you guys one. Here are two sites I love that I want to introduce you to. The first is The Hosemaster of Wine which I think I've talked about before. My buddy, Tom Rough, introduced me to this guy a long time ago and I love his column--I think you will, too. I'm guiding you to a good beginning column if you haven't read him yet. Be forewarned--there's some X-rated language there... check out

The second one is one I was just introduced to by my writer friend, Sally Davis. It's the blog of THE HULK, (no not the more famous one), a film critic. As Sally said, don't look at this as just film criticism--there's so much good stuff in his blog about how story works. She's exactly right. Substitute the word "novel" for film and he's talking directly to us writers. It's at

So... Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy these two small gifts!

And, if you feel obligated to return the favor, you might glom onto a copy of my latest novel, THE GENUINE, IMITATION, PLASTIC KIDNAPPING. Now THAT would really make my day! It's available both in paperback and as an ebook.
See ya on the flip-flop...

Blue skies,

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Sarah Faurote said...

Thanks, Les. I am always looking for cool websites. I was hoping you were giving away ribs ... it sort of ties into your new book idea, heh?