Sunday, July 26, 2015

Great new novel by Earl Javorsky!

Hi folks,

I want to introduce you to a writer you may not be aware of yet… but should be! I just finished reading his second novel and it’s just one terrific read! Here’s my review:

Earl Javorsky’s Trust Me.

To use an apt baseball analogy, Earl Javorsky has just performed the equivalent of hitting home runs in his first two at-bats in the majors. Down Solo cleared the left field fence and his newest effort, Trust Me has just landed in the upper deck in center field.

If you like your thrillers filled with both nonstop action and twist after psychological twist, this is the one for you. Javorsky has a decided talent for delivering stories that work on many, many levels—this is a deep, complex work of art that will resonate with you long after you finish the read. It will have you looking at newspaper headlines wondering if life is imitating art when you read of a suicide.

Just dang good writing of the first order!

Grab a copy today! Just don’t start reading it at night if you have to get up early in the ayem…

Blue skies,

P.S. Here's Earl's first novel, DOWN SOLO. It's another winner!

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col2910 said...

Les - glad to hear it gets the LE seal of approval. I have a copy to get to soon. DOWN SOLO was much enjoyed.