Wednesday, December 28, 2016

*New Poem from William Joyce*

Hi folks,

I've been in constant communication with my friend, the writer William Joyce (who also writes under the name Guillermo O'Joyce). He had to leave the U.S. as he couldn't survive on his S.S. and went to Guatemala, but between the civil war going on and the outlaws and a still-high cost of living, he recently left to go live in Mexico where he is currently. He tells me the cost of living is half what it was in Guatemala and infinitely safer!

Yesterday was his birthday (75) and he sent me this poem which I'd like to share with you. He'd just colored his beard and was bummed out the ladies weren't complimenting him on it. Like me, he knows the veracity of that saying, "Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's not a fire down below..."

Hope you enjoy his poem!

He wrote me: 
Tomorrow I turn 75 but none of the ladies have congratulated on my beard dye.  Wrote a poem about it.

 Wrote this poem for my birthday:
                                                   Fuck People
                                        If they're going
                                        to go on
                                        making a nuisance
                                        of themselves
                                        with cell phones,
                                        head down
                                        running into you
                                        on the street,
                                        fuck people.
                                        Bomb them,
                                        hang them
                                        from lamposts,
                                        if they keep up
                                        that insane poking
                                        with their heads down
                                        and can't see
                                        the brilliance
                                        of my beard dye,
                                        fuck them, 
                                        start the bombs 
                                        As their heads
                                        come off
                                        they'll still be


Thanks, William. Happy birthday, old warrior!

Blue skies,

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