Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hi folks,

Posted some stuff from Richard Brautigan yesterday on FB and found a lot of other folks loved his work as much as I do. So, I’m posting some more than many won’t have seen as it’s from a book of his uncollected work, titled, THE EDNA WEBSTER COLLECTION OF UNDISCOVERED WRITINGS.

Here ya go:

a young man

Surely goodness
and mercy
shall follow me
all the days
of my life,
and I will dwell
in the house
of the Lord
forever, if the
rent isn’t too high.


            The dog had fallen from a high cliff down onto the road, and then trucks and cars had run over it, I guess, because the dog was only an inch thick.

The dog was white, and its guts were white.

When I saw the dog, I couldn’t believe it for a moment.

Then I had to believe it.

Then I started crying.

I was five years old.
The dog was the first dead animal I had ever seen.

I had always thought that everything lived forever.

When My Soul Didn’t Love Me

Once upon a sad weird
there lived a girl
who was my beautiful soul given form.
of course,
I loved her a cash-registerful.
But she didn’t love me a penny.
It was very sad and weird having my soul
not love me.


am waiting anxiously
for Hollywood to buy this book
and pay umpity-ump cash for it
and turn it into a super-colossal
spectacle with ten thousand extras,
2,000 horses, 52 lions, 60 king cobras,
And every Hollywood actress who has been
divorced over five times.

Hollywood will,
of course,
change the title
to something like

“The Outcasts of Devil’s Island.”

And, finally, the poem I wish I had written for my wife…

i would walk back
across hell
to get Your hat

i would
carry You across hell,
if You had forgotten
Your hat,
            i would walk
            back across hell
            and get it for You.

And… just… damn! What a Writer…

Blue skies,

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