Monday, March 27, 2017

New cover for my new book.

Hi folks,

Just want to show you the cover for my newest book that will come out in June from Down & Out Books. It's the third cover artist J.T. Lindroos has created for books of mine. He's just a fantastic artist!

Here's what J.T. said about his work:

"A new cover for Les Edgerton and Down & Out Books I’m particularly happy with. I set up this photo in our backyard with a couple of empty bottles, moonlight, two small flashlights and green and white beads from our New Orleans trip.

 The beer bottle up front (Smashing Todd’s Ambergris Reserve Wartime Stout) is a leftover prop from Jeff VanderMeer's  Shriek the Movie."

"Lagniappe" is a word that's very familiar to us natives (and former natives!) of New Orleans--it means "something extra." And, I hope that if you get it you'll agree. It's a collection of new stories that haven't been published in book form until now. All of them have been published by various anthologies.

I'll announce here in June when it becomes available.

Blue skies,

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