Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another great review from Germany for The Rapist

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My German publisher, Frank Nowatzke of Pulp Master, just sent me the Google translation of another rave review in a Stuttgart newspaper. You can read the original German version at:


“Stuttgart - Frank Nowatzkis Pulp Master is well known as a publishing house for disturbing ones. Seamus Smyth's "Revenge of Revenge" and Gerald Kersh's "The Dead Look" are books that are hard to bear in their artistic and historical truth. Les Edgerton, whose novel "Der Vergewaltiger" ("Der Verwaltiger"), has also looked quite a bit since its appearance - but there is no historical event in the background but only the guilt of an individual (the one with the atonement is in this case such a thing ). The author has not thought of a hero, but an enemy of man who, intelligently and formally educated, faces his surroundings only with hatred and contempt. This Truman Ferris Pinter goes his way, he is financially independent and does not have to work as a teacher, anyway he finds students disgusting.

One night, Pinter watches three men and a woman while sex on the way home in the forest. During the day, the girl dives with him while he is fishing and starts to mock him. There is a quarrel, Pinter rests and rapes his victim. Afterwards, he says in court, he says in the prison, he tells the reader that the girl has stumbled, headed against a stone, and drowned in the river.

Pinter is sentenced to death for murder, in prison, he examines the past, analyzes his presence, paints his future, and mentions, as by chance, authors such as Albert Camus and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. As an "unreliable narrator", he leaves the reader unclear as to what is to be said of all this. True to Truman Ferris Pinter is just his cold - and the fate that is heading for it. Or in the end not? How good that the illuminating epilogue of Ekkehard Kn√∂rer classifies this extraordinary piece of literature.”

There have been a dozen great reviews so far!

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