Monday, April 3, 2017


HI folks,

Just got word from my German publisher, Frank Nowatzke of Pulp Master, that the review he'd been waiting for on THE RAPIST, just came out from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DAZ).

Founded in 1949, this major conservative-liberal daily is a reference tool in business circles and among intellectuals, who appreciate its literary supplement, FeuilletonFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, or FAZ for short, is the German daily with the widest circulation abroad and one of the world’s largest networks of correspondents, which makes it by and large independent from the press agencies. 

Frank refers to FAZ as "the NY Times of Europe."

For those of you who read German, here's the link to the review:

My agent, Svetlana Pironko, has a translator at work on it, translating it into English rather than use the rather poor version Google furnishes and once they have it, I'll post it here.

But, this is really big news for the book. It's the eleventh German newspaper review and they've all been great reviews. I've always felt this book would do well in Germany and this is just evidence that they "get it." I'm very pleased... actually, ecstatic is a better word!

Pulp Master has purchased the German-language rights for two more of my books, THE BITCH and THE GENUINE, IMITATION, PLASTIC KIDNAPPING, and the success THE RAPIST is enjoying is going to provide a great reception in Germany and Europe for these two books as well.

It's a good day!

Blue skies,

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