Wednesday, December 14, 2011


HI folks,

Didn't have time to send out an alert, but just participated in an interview on Gio Gelati's radio blog, The G-Spot, along with author B.R. Stateham. If interested in hearing my dulcet tones, go to

Paul D. Brazill was scheduled to appear, but he had problems connecting with his phone from his home in Poland. (I'll let an amateur handle any Polish jokes... I have far too much respect to do something like that...)

Anyway, we had a cool conversation about writing and publishing you may enjoy. B.R. Stateham writes some kick-butt novels and has a wealth of wisdom about writing and I try to supply the laughs...

Blue skies,


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Les,

I'm halfway through your wonderful book HOOKED. Thank you so much for writing it! Here is the opening to my new novel THE CAMPECHE REPRISAL.

Airborne, enroute to the Safe House on the Texas side of the Rio Grande: 18 February 1968, 0645: Undercover narcotics agent Tim Kelly is alive. Barely! Forcibly hooked on heroin he followed the labyrinth's path to the dark side of his soul. Now he must take the same circuitous path back into the light or remain lost forever. No key, secret formula, or magic compass exists; he must find his way alone.

When I finish HOOKED I'll leave a good review on Amazon.

Jim Gilliam

Unknown said...

Hello again Les. I'm further along in HOOKED and I've revised my opening yet again. Here is the latest:

Airborne, enroute to the Safe House on the Texas side of the Rio Grande: 18 February 1968, 0645: Am I dead? No, he decided. The dead feel no pain. Or do they? He didn't know. "Ahhhhhhh!" Kelly screamed as cramps wracked his body, starting at his gut and moving outward, followed by bone-crunching chills and rigors. I don't know how much more of this I can take. The painful process of his resurrection from the hell of his addiction was only just begining.

If this opening hooks an agent it will be because of your book.

Jim Gilliam