Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hi folks,

I am absolutely beaming these days! My oldest daughter Britney and my son-in-law Ray Robinson just released their book to help thyroid sufferers, my youngest daughter Sienna and my son-in-law Jason Cox keep growing the cutest grandson in the world, and then today... my son Mike was just named the Associate of the Year for Full-Time Employees by his boss at the premier jewelers, Rogers and Hollands. They award one part-time award and one award for full-time employees. Out of their chain of 80 stores! Mike nailed the full-time employee award! He works at the Ft. Wayne store and is always their leading salesperson. Also, just recently, Mike was awarded his 7th Platinum Sales Award in a row for his sales performance. I have to say that Mike got his brains from his mom Mary--the reason I know this is because I still have all of mine...

(Here's a photo of me and Mike getting made-up before one of our two appearances on MSNBC-TV for baseball. He was in the eighth grade then. He's a lot bigger now! Towers over me.)

CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE. Your mom and I are so darned proud of you, son! I'm so proud of all of my children!

(Please forgive a dad for bragging on his kids... but that's what we're supposed to do, right?)

Blue skies,

Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi folks,

This just in... Just received this review of The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping by author B.R. Stateham. Made my day!

Baseball, Crooks, New Orleans . . . what else do you need for a Great Read? March 27, 2015
By B. R. Stateham

This review is from: The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping (Kindle Edition)
I know I'm late for the party reviewing this one. But that's just me. What you need to know is this; when Les writes a story, any story, you're instantly swept up into a world that engulfs you . . . absorbs you . . . into a sensual assault that leaves you speechless. In this one you get the full gamut. Baseball, New Orleans down at its grittiest, back street wonders, sleazy (and not so bright) hoodlums. And a wise ass loser just smart enough to know better, but not gifted with the ability to say "No!" at any time in his life.

Les' writing is three demensional. You do not just read words. You feel . . . taste . . . see things from a perspective few human beings have had the pleasure (or maybe, the bad luck) of experiencing first hand. That, boys and girls, is the mark of a GREAT writer. And yes; just to answer your question, I'm jealous.

Thanks, BR--you just made my day!
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Monday, March 23, 2015


Hi folks,

We’ll be starting our next Boot Camp For Writers session this Sunday, March 29 and, as almost always, the class is full. However, there are unlimited spots open for auditors who are able to see everything we’re doing in class and a great many people have told me that the experience was invaluable.

The class is devoted to writing a novel and runs ten weeks.

Regular participation is $400, but auditors only pay $50.

If any here are interested and have questions, please contact either me at or our class administrator, Holly Love, at

Hope to see a few of you!

Blue skies,
The novel Maegan Beaumont wrote in class and got a several book deal out of.

Me and some of our class members out for a bite to eat and beer in Phoenix.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sorry, folks!

HI folks,
I recently posted a blog on colonoscopies I mistakenly thought was written by the person who sent it to me and found out from Bill Fitzhugh that it was a column written by the great Dave Barry. I'm really embarrassed about misrepresenting this and hope you'll forgive me. Thanks to Bill for alerting me. And, apologies to Mr. Barry!

This makes me sad that it wasn't given proper credit. I've taken it down.

Blue skies,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review of WORM by Anthony Neil Smith

Hi folks

Here's my take on Neil Smith's latest masterpiece:


I can’t think of anyone who tops Anthony Neil Smith in writing Everyman tales in which the average Joe, up against the world, makes the wrong choices for the right reasons and keeps plunging deeper and deeper into the abyss. Lee Child said the secret to creating page-turners was to keep posing story questions on every page. This is exactly what Smith does in every novel he writes and his latest, Worm, is a master’s class in how to keep tension on every single page. His character Ferret just wants what most of us want—to provide a better life for his family. His desire is honorable but unfortunately his options are limited and what happens to him as he pursues the American dream is all-too-often what happens to many others with that same dream—disaster. Years from now, Smith will be viewed as one of the best writers of our generation—he’s just not capable of writing anything but a fantastic novel. If you haven’t yet read him, glom onto this book and when you finish it, pick up another masterpiece by this writer who is, indeed, a literary treasure. And, kudos to Blasted Heath books for putting out another winner.

If you haven't read DocNoir's work, you really should. He's just one of my favorite writers and I steal as much as I possibly can from him

Blue skies,