Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hi folks,

Got back from visiting my best friend, Tom Rough and his beautiful wife, Lisa, in Scottsdale a few days ago and had this in my FB account. Very proud to be in such good company. Had a great time in Arizona and got to visit with a couple of my online class students--Maegan Beaumont, who's not in class these days and is releasing her fourth book this week, and Linda Thompson, who's just about to have her novel sent out soon by her agent. And, Joe Beaumont, Maegan's HUGE husband, who I always try to keep smiling... Got to watch Tom's new salon, Taglio, going up and it looks great! Actually, it's not his new salon--he's just moving to a better location in the same mall--but the physical plant is all brand-new.

The bad news is that I won't be able to attend Bouchercon this year. I was really looking forward to going back home to New Orleans, but a combination of finances (read: no money...) and a back which has me in daily pain just won't allow me to. I'm gonna miss going to some of my old hangouts, seeing old friends--both in the Big Sleazy and at B-Con, and meeting new friends at the convention. 


Here's James Tuck's announcement of his book in which I have a story:

James Ray Tuck Jr
So today a book came out with my name on it, actually both my writing names on it, and I am VERY proud of it. It's a thing I conceived of and put out in the universe and the universe answered. I present to you: MAMA TRIED Crime Fiction Based On Outlaw Country Songs. from Down & Out Books.
Its got some amazing stories from some amazing writers. I got to edit it, contribute a story, and design the cover. Seriously, this one is one to pick up.
Here's the link, order it and if you don't mind, share the link.
Outlaws. It’s what makes the best of country music and crime fiction. Sometimes it’s hardened criminals: murders, thieves, and convicts, sometimes it’s just a poor…

Monday, August 1, 2016


Hi folks,

If you've got a minute or three, you might want to pop over to Dieter Kalteis' blog, Off the Cuff, where I got to participate in a fun exercise with him and Sam Wiebe, where we discuss what music we listen to while writing. It's at

I'm curious as to what other folks are listening to when they write.

In two days, I fly out to Scottsdale, AZ to spend a week with my best friend Tom Rough and his gorgeous wife, Lisa. Can't wait! On Saturday, I get to spend an afternoon with some of the members of my online class. Hope the bar is fully-stocked...

Me and Tom... doing what we do best... drinking, eating and mostly... LAUGHING!

With some of the members of our online class a few years ago...

Blue skies,