Friday, December 24, 2021



Hi folks,


Just got a wonderful Christmas present! Just signed contracts for two more of my novels to be published in Italian by Elliot Edizones! Editor Loretta Santini has chosen THE DEATH OF TARPONS and THE BITCH to be published next. The first novel she chose, HARD TIMES, is doing really well in sales and we expect even more with these next two as my work becomes more and more known. This will make four of my novels translated into Italian. Bookseller Mauro Falciani is responsible for all four being taken, beginning with THE RAPIST from Odoya Publishing.


What is so gratifying about Elliot is that when they take an author on, they take all of his work on as well. They create a true home for the writer. And, what’s really huge about Elliot is that my books end up in bookstores all over the country. A true publisher! This is the key to substantial sales and a national readership.


Loretta hasn’t announced the release dates of each but as soon as she does, I’ll post it.


This just caps off a great year in foreign publishing and sales for me. My craft book, HOOKED, was signed earlier by Japanese publisher Filmart-Sha Co., Ltd. for a very nice advance. They’ll be coming out with a first-run of 2,500 copies.


All-in-all, this has been a terrific year for me. To top it all off, my son Mike and his fiancé Vic have given Mary and me the best present of all—their cute-as-all-hell son Lewis Bud Edgerton.


Merry Christmas to everyone!


Blue skies,


And, here's my present to each of you!