Saturday, January 28, 2023

I'm giving a presentation via Zoom and you're invited.

 Hi folks,

They're opening this up to the public. Just send an email to the address  ( and they'll send you the link. Hope to see some friends there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Great email

 Hi folks,

I recently received a great email from a writer who's presently auditing my online novel-writing class and will join us as an active classmate in a few weeks when our next session begins. Here's what Ken had to say after watching us work for the past couple of months:

Hi Les,
Thank you for the way you handle critiques in your bootcamp. I love that you’re blunt and direct, and don’t feel the need to give participants a handjob for work that misses the mark. I won’t change my tune when it’s my butt in the hot seat. Yep, honest criticism is painful at the time, but it’s a heckuva lot better than thinking you’ve written a literary masterpiece, then learning the brutal truth when nobody will publish it. Maybe I successfully publish, maybe I don’t. I’m convinced I’m in the right place to maximize my chances. And that’s worth the price of admission.
Thank you, Les!
Ken Speegle

We'll be starting a new 10-week session in three weeks and it looks like we may have a couple of openings. If interested, shoot me an email at for more info.

Blue skies,

Some former students who successfully wrote and had their novels published from our class.

Teaching from home's da bomb!

Blue skies,