Sunday, March 26, 2023

My son, Mikie Bud Edgerton passed away.


Hi folks,


I’ve spent the last several days trying to write this and kept failing. I’m just too overcome with grief to say this, but I have to. Our precious son, Michael Bud Edgerton passed away unexpectedly Thursday morning with a massive heart attack. I’m a writer and I just don’t have the words at this time for more than this announcement. His beloved wife Victoria is struggling with the final arrangements and hopefully soon we can announce when and where the services will be for those who wish to attend. Both Mike’s mother and I are simply overcome with grief as is the love of Mike’s life, Vick. His beautiful son Lewis Bud is thankfully too young to know what’s going on and it breaks our hearts to know he’ll never have his dad to watch him grow up. Sorry, but I can’t write any more at this time.


Les Edgerton