Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hi folks,

My next online novel-writing class is scheduled to begin on Sunday, January 22, and we have two spots left if anyone's interested. It's conducted in a workshop structure where classmates send ten pages of their novel in each week and each member of the class comments on each other's work and I do also. The energy in class is contagious and each writer is extremely dedicated. Kind of intense--in fact, it's labeled "Les Edgerton's Boot Camp Class" and it is. This isn't a class for anyone who just wants praise--actually, all praise has to be earned. It's a class for people who have thick skins and only want to end up with a publishable novel and not have their egos stroked. Those who decide to join us will soon experience an incredible synergy not often obtained in such classes.

Several who will be taking the coming class have been with me for several classes--although there are a few who entered the class for the first time last session and we have some newcomers this time. The folks there are very supportive of new classmates and it's a genuinely giving atmosphere.

The class takes 16 weeks and usually we'll "hit the wall" a bit sometime during the term and take a week off. The fee is #350 (nonrefundable) and it can be paid prior to class, or it can also be paid in three installments of #125 each for a total of #375 for those paying in installments.

Several in the class have told me they'll be posting information about their experiences in the comments section here. If interested, please let me know asap. We only have two slots remaining and experience shows they'll fill fast. Please email me at

If anyone is interested in auditing the class, the fee for auditing is #100. Auditors will have complete access to everything we do in class but won't have their work critiqued or contribute to the discussion. We can allow as many auditors as are interested.

Several of the writers in the last class are very close to finishing their novels and each one is very publishable. In fact, one writer is within just a few days of having her novel read by my agent and others and a publisher. She's applying the final polish to it and out the door it goes! Several others will finish theirs during the next class and will be sending it out.

Hope to see you in class!

Blue skies,

P.S. On another note, my novel THE BITCH is still in first place in the Preditors and Editors thriller category, but voting is still going on and will be until the 10th. A couple of folks are moving up fast, so if you haven't voted, I'd really appreciate it. Just go to and click on my novel. And... THANKS!

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Maegan Beaumont said...

Hi Les,

I just wanted to post my take on your class in hopes of giving others who might be considering it an idea of what they'd be able to expect during the 16 week course you're offering.
I’ve been a student of Les’ in a college setting as well as a private client for nearly two years now, and all I can say is that the wealth of experience and writing knowledge he brings to the table is unbelievable. While this class is not for the faint of heart (intense is an understatement) I can honestly say that I’ve found a “writing home” with Les and the phenomenal bunch of writers in this group.
If you’re looking for an instructor that will give you honest, useful feedback on how to make your writing publishable then Les is your guy and this is your class. The entire atmosphere is one of total investment—I know that every one of my classmates wants me to succeed and that I can count on them for useful, in-depth feedback on what I write. Knowing and trusting Les and my classmates has made my writing better—period.