Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Noir at the Bar and other stuff!

Hi folks,

I’m counting the minutes! On Friday morning, my wife Mary and I are hitting the road on our way to St. Louis where I’ll be reading from my new novel THE BITCH at the famed “Noir at the Bar.” This is a seminal event in my career—getting asked to read here is the pinnacle for noir writers in the U.S. It’s hallowed ground. I cannot begin to list the luminaries who’ve appeared here and my hands are sweating already in nervous anticipation.

Jed Ayres, who hosts the readings along with superstar Scott Phillips, has been in contact with me and every time his email pops up, there’s some more good news. Yesterday, he emailed me that there’s a possibility that two of my heroes may make the trip to the reading. Frank Bill, the author of the brilliant CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA and one of my favorite singers, Ray Wylie Hubbard, who sings real songs about real people—the kind of people I call my “homies.” Here’s a link to one of my favorite Ray Hubbard tunes, SNAKE FARM.

Here are a couple of links where our appearance is announced:

My publisher of THE BITCH, Cort McMeel (Bare Knuckles Press), is the guy who arranged for me to read. He’s also reading from his terrific novel, SHORT. With us on the podium (or whatever they have… standing on the bar?) will be David James Keaton (ZOMBIE BED & BREAKFAST) and standup-comic/shortstory hack/comic book writer-illustrator Erick Lundy.

And then… some serious drinking, I think…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful, generous people who’ve purchased the ebook version of FINDING YOUR VOICE. This is a book I’m very proud of and which did very well for Writer’s Digest Books for several years, and which is experiencing a rebirth as an ebook. And, for the first time with any of my books, I’m earning a decent royalty on it. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet and have an extra $4.99 lying around or in the couch cushions and want one, just go to:

And finally, there are just a couple-three days left to vote for THE BITCH for Best Novel in the Legends category in the Spinetingler Magazine awards. I can use every single one of your votes! To vote, just go to:
and scroll down to my category (Legends) and click on your vote for THE BITCH. Once you’ve voted, just scroll down to the bottom and enter your vote as per the directions. And… THANK YOU!

If you want to buy a copy, please go to:

Please click on the “Like” button if you don’t mind. I’m told that helps sales. (Same with any of my books.)

A couple of days ago, I was interviewed by Brian Davis on his radioblog show featuring the LoBianca/Sharon Tate murders by Charles Manson’s followers, about my “friendship” with ol’ Charlie. Here is a direct link to the full podcast. You can "right click" and "save as" on your PC :

Lots of good things happening in my life, but today we got some bad news. My 22-year-old son Mike has been suffering from excruciating back pain for a week and just went into the ortho today and got an MRI. Turns out he has a pinched nerve and a severely ruptured disk—may have to undergo surgery. His mom and I are worried and could use your good thoughts and prayers. He’s too frickin’ young to have back problems like this.

Finally, for my writer friends, here’s something to think on. A person busier than you… is out there… writing…

Blue skies,


kennyGene said...

Janet & I will keep you and the family in our prayers and thoughts, Les. Until I was diagnosed with LE, I had never experienced back pain like what you described or what I have now. Let's hope they can medically treat it w/o surgery. Ot, if surgery, hopefully they can do it laproscopically. Cheers galore on all the other great news. Kenn

kennyGene said...
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Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Kenn! I appreciate it, sir.

Maegan Beaumont said...

Hi Les ~

So much good news! So glad to see you're still enjoying your upswing, and... have a few drinks for me! :) My thoughts and prayers to Mike...


Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Maegan! Too bad you can't make this deal--you'd meet a lot of writers and other literary types. Plus... Ray Wylie Hubbard!

Paul D Brazill said...

Take care, mate. And have a good at Noir Bar. Jed is a beaut writer and a top bloke.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Paul! I cannot wait!