Thursday, January 17, 2013

MIRROR, MIRROR a freebie on Amazon!

Hi folks,

Well, I see my YA thriller, MIRROR, MIRROR is being offered as a freebie on Amazon. Didn't know the publisher was going to do that (although it's fine--it always seems to generate great sales afterwards!), so just alerting you in case you want to glom onto a copy. Just click on the cover. And, if you do get it, take a second and click on the "Like" button and if you have more time and could provide a review and/or rating, that would be really appreciated!

Quote of the day:

It's not a good idea to try to put your wife into a novel... not your latest wife anyway.
Norman Mailer

Blue skies,

Latest update: Whoa, doggie! Just checked it (10:45 am, Sat.) and Mirror, Mirror is at #25 in overall copies for all categories! This is amazing! Thank you! It may not be sales, but that's a ton of people looking at it.

Even newer update--we're in the Top 100 at #83. Yowza! Thank you, thank you! As of  7 pm, Friday here's where it sits:

 Newer update: Wow! You guys are coming through like gangbusters! Here's the latest reading I just took from Amazon. Only nine spots out of the top 100. Thank you! (As of 4:45 pm Friday)
Update: Looks like it's moving some copies. Here's the latest report from Amazon:

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