Friday, September 27, 2013

Two things you may have missed...

Hi folks,

Just wanted to post a couple of things you may have missed that I think you'll find interesting.

The first is today's post on the blog, Detectives Without Borders, which reprints a poem of mine that I got to read at Eric Beetner's event at Bouchercon where us noir writer folks read our work. Check it out at:

The second is a post I did a few days ago that I think may have gotten lost because it was short and sandwiched between two longer posts. I think if you give it a listen you'll either want to report me to the appropriate authorities/organization or else just laugh. It was a podcast my friend Vince Zandri and I did with host Joshua Graham live from Bouchercon on Thriller Radio. Vince and I go way back to the nineties when we were both at Vermont College getting our MFAs and beating the poets in softball... Check it out at:

Hope you enjoy these!

Blue skies,

Reading my poem at Bouchercon.

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