Monday, November 24, 2014


Hi folks,

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 25) I'm going to appear on the WebbWeaver blog talk radio show with CK Webb and DJ Weaver, two delightful southern ladies, talking about my books and other stuff. It'll be on at 12:00 noon, EST. Here's the link to click onto and a phone number if you want to call in and put me on the spot by asking questions.

Call in to speak with the host
(619) 924-9838

Along with book-talk, I plan to unveil my new business endeavor, a dating site I'm co-creating with Jack Getze, titled "Stockholm Syndrome Dating for Fun and Profit" an exciting new way to find your soul mate and have much more fun than those other boring dating sites...

(My radio face...)

Seriously, tune in--it should be fun!

Blue skies,

P.S. Author BR Stateham just posted a piece on his blog (at where I talked about how I came to write THE GENUINE, IMITATION, PLASTIC KIDNAPPING. I think the writers here will relate to the genesis of this novel.


Unknown said...

Stockholm Syndrome dating site -

Les Edgerton said...

Just makes sense to me, DB. My wife and I are the result of the Stockholm Syndrome gone right... It's a way to get both some romance and some profit... Can't wait till the PC folks make comments...

Unknown said...

Yeah, Les … I caught your comment on PC. I’m in your camp with that. It’s like anyone with thin skin or who couldn’t take a joke decided to team up and call everyone ESLE names: racist, bigot, gun toter … conservative.

Eh, whadda ya gonna do?

Good show, although you ran out of time and they cut you guys off.

Actually, you read my first novel last year. Chain of Evidence (still waiting on the review – hint hint.)

Kidding. Don’t concern yourself with that. I know how busy you are.

Looking forward to meeting you next year at Boucher, or sooner if the stars align.

Talk soon, buddy.

Thanks for the plug, BTW.