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There are a few spots still left for next year's WRW. We've got some great guests who will be here. Hope to see some of y'all there!

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Writers Retreat Workshop 2017

May 6 - 13    San Antonio, TX

The 30th year of Writers Retreat Workshopfeatures, as always, top authors, instructors, agents and editors. Work with all our of visiting and core staff in classrooms, diagnostic groups, and 1-1 sessions.

Only 35 new and returning writers will attend...will you be one?

We're thrilled to announce our newest visiting author for 2017. Mystery and thriller novelist Reavis Wortham returns for his second year after the announcement of his newest thriller series published by Kensington Publishing (July 2017) featuring Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke. Wortham's long-running series, the Red River Mysteries, has a new installment titled Unraveled (Red River Publishing). Yes, Reavis has two series titles with two publishers. He's prolific, fabulous, and we're very excited to welcome him back to WRW.

Lisa Cron's newest book-of-craft for writers is titledStory Genius. Her first book, Wired For Story, challenged writers in a refreshing way. In the last month I've spoken to writers who are reading Cron's books and, with all the workshops and classes they've attended, Cron's "brain science" approach has opened new doors in all aspects of their Story. It's a rarity to be with Lisa in an intimate setting like WRW. If you haven't read her work, do your inner artist a favor and read them now.

Thriller novelist Daniel Palmer returns to WRW with the publication of his pre-order novel, Forgive Me, (called by early reviewers "10 stars...his best book yet"). In 2016, Daniel released his novel Constant Fear, and in early 2017 is the publication of a novel he finished along with his father, NYT bestselling author (and amazing man much missed by all), Michael Palmer titled Mercy. It's a busy year for Daniel, and we're grateful he's spending part of that time with the WRW family.

Les Edgerton is one of our most-in-demand authors, instructors, and guy we love to have around. Les' latest novel, Bomb!, is getting him even more rave reviews than the dozen plus earlier fabulous works. Joe Lansdale says, "Les Edgerton has swiftly become my favorite crime writer. Original voice, uncompromising attitude and a pure hardboiled style leap him to the front ranks of my reading list. He will become legendary.” He's already legendary in our world.

Agents and additional visiting staff yet to be announced.

Of course, our WRW core staff of the brilliant Carol Dougherty, Jason Sitzes and Lisa Willars-Pirc will be on hand to lead the way. We're welcoming back WRW family to lead Night Owl and Early Bird sessions, show folks the ropes, run diagnostic groups, and make WRW 2017 the best yet.

Visit our website for more information.

We hope to welcome you, your story, your characters, and your hopes/dreams in May.

If you're in the mood for something sooner... how about next month in Pennsylvania with a terrific line-up?

Nov 14 - 19, 2016
Haverford, PA

with David Corbett, Tex Thompson, Carol Dougherty, and Jason Sitzes
Wake Up and Write Writer's Retreat Workshopis a craft-oriented workshop with the focus squarely on your work-in-progress, and what we can do to help you unlock the potential of the story you want to tell. The workshop is limited to 25 students in order to provide each student an opportunity for several one-on-one consultations with our staff. In addition, we will offer classes for all students, optional informal sessions on a variety of topics, and diagnostic sessions in small groups, plus plenty of writing time.

Editorial and Coaching

Whether you're writing for a publisher, or writing toward your own independent goals, your story will be improved using the eyes and insight of a professional editor. Work with Jason personally and receive 1-1 conversations, audio reports, and detailed comments based on your work. This is not copy editing, and you won't receive form 'lectures'. Every word of feedback is specific to your manuscript.
You receive not only story development feedback on character, description, pacing, scene and sentence structure, but also conceptual lessons and personal feedback to last through the next project and the next. With over 15 years working with hundreds of writers through manuscript evaluations and 1-1 sessions, you'll work directly with WRW Program director/instructor Jason Sitzes. Jason specializes in teaching through explanation and example.

Also available for 1-1 instruction, reading your work, and feedback/brainstorming in your town or Austin.

 Contact us for more information and to discuss the many options available to you regardless of where you are in the writing process.
Lisa Cron
Daniel Palmer
Reavis Wortham
Les Edgerton

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