Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Smart, funny, tension-filled new novel!

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Many of you here know Kristen Lamb the wise guru of social media. She’s now set her hand to writing fiction and recently came out with her rookie effort, a thriller titled THE DEVIL’S DANCE.

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The book that Kristen gives way too much credit for...
what a cynic might call a "humble/brag"

Me and Kristen at the DFW  Writer's Convention

She asked me to blurb it and I agreed because… well, just because you don’t say no to Ms Lamb. When I sent her my blurb, I got this email from her:

OMG thank you!

This is beautiful and I need to frame it! You have no idea. I bought your book (HOOKED) early 2008. I immediately made everyone in my writing group get it (though I think i was the only one who read it). My mom loves it and she isn't even a writer. I have easily read it six times and get something new every time.

And then misplace it and buy another copy.

Anyway, so I had this imaginary bar set in my mind that ONE DAY. ONE DAY I'd write something you'd be proud of even before I met you! That you'd go, THAT is why I wrote "Hooked."

Seriously, I need to send you the first pages of the novel I was shopping when I came across "Hooked"...except I like you and that manuscript is not potty trained.

Getting a blurb from you for "Rise of the Machines" was a big deal but NOTHING like this.

Her book is kind of a big deal for me because a first novel isn’t usually this good. It’s a remarkable piece of work. It just goes to prove that anyone with talent (many) and perseverance (rare) and the ability to take constructive criticism (very rare!) can create a publishable book.

If you saw the first draft of what Kristen sent me a couple of years ago and compared it to what she ended up with, you’d easily see the veracity of that last sentence.

Here’s my blurb:

Blurb for Kristen Lamb’s novel, THE DEVIL’S DANCE

I picked up Kristen Lamb’s debut novel, THE DEVIL’S DANCE, fully expecting to be reading what I anticipated as a decent first effort at fiction—and was instantly dissuaded of that notion—finding instead totally mesmerized by a book of the quality normally reserved for those best-selling, rave review-garnering, masters of thriller novels. I was totally gobsmacked. Lamb has crafted a work of immense worth. It’s truly remarkable in its maturity, level of writing, and most important, level of entertainment. We often see reviews where they trot out that hoariest of clichés—“It was so good I couldn’t put it down,” except in this case that’s not even close to an exaggeration, but the honest damned truth. Be assured this is no “beginner’s first effort.” This is leagues above that. Already, I’ve placed it on the shelf of “Best Books of the Year That I’ve Read.” It most certainly is. I won’t give you a synopsis—that’s already done for you on the
Amazon page, but if my opinion means anything to you, I urge you to run right out and buy this novel. Lamb is just one smart cookie who doesn’t seem to fail at any enterprise she sets her hand to. Make room on your bookshelf for a writer of uncommon and rare talent.

And… what a totally entertaining book!

--Les Edgerton, author of Hooked, Finding Your Voice, The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping, The Death of Tarpons and others.

Get out and pick up a copy. If you like it, take a few minutes and write an Amazon and/or Goodreads review. It’s the single best thing you can do for a writer whose work you enjoy.

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