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I hardly ever do this, but this review just meant so much to me I decided to post it here. This morning when I woke up, I went to my email as I always do. And there was an email from a guy that the writers on here will appreciate. It’s this kind of feedback for our work that keeps us writing. This is the kind of reward that those who work only for money or a pension or material things will never get to experience and why I feel truly sorry for them. And why I feel especially blessed.

This came at the perfect time. I’m really feeling kind of low with a back that isn’t recovering quickly from my spinal surgery, health rendered a blow by my COPD which forces me to lie down for an hour after I’ve been up for an hour, and most of all, the biggest struggle I’ve faced in life as I sweat blood to finish the novel I’ve been working on for over a year. John Talley’s words came at the perfect time in my life.

I will always cherish his generous words. Here’s what I read:

Hi Les,

jesus god
the bitch
what a book.

for some reason i saved it to read, long after i read all the others
so far

i wish it was still ahead of me;
it’s downhill now

in my not-up-to-it review on amazon i wrote
that you
run with the literary lions and prowl with the noir alley cats at the same time
and it’s a simple fact that you do so much so well

it’s like reading
the conductor of a fine orchestra leading strings
dragging nasty bows in a crooked line
down straight drum tracks -
every decision dirty down and right.
i guess i’ve read a two thousand novels
you know

all of them
the ones you’re supposed to and the ones you find
when you’re sneaking around the stacks

and never have i ever read a finer, meaner final line
holy macks:

where’s your shank?
in your hand, come give it to me

jesus les, have mercy
but you didn’t have mercy, not
the whole way through
on any of them

dude, exile on main street wishes
it rocked so goddamned hard and good.
fucking A.

the balls of The Bitch and The Rapist
the BALLS …
i ain’t ranking your stuff
those two novels
are miracles -
one more and the pope makes you a saint
i think.

may you write and paint whatever you want until you’re a hundred and twelve
then have fifty more years to count the money
and set it on fire.

you do it as good as anybody ever has, ever will, ever can
it’s just a fact.


Click HERE  to purchase.

And then I went to Amazon and read his review (below). While it’s a terrific review and means the world to me, I really wish he’d posted the above as his review. It’s just pure poetry.

Amazon review
Easy to follow, hard to swallow - Les Edgerton has written another damn near perfect novel that bloodies your nose and grows your heart at the same time. Dude is one of the all-timers and can run hard with literary lions and noir alley-cats at the same time. I am in awe, again, and am gonna read this one over and over for all kinds of reasons - one of which is the best closing scene (and line) I've ever read. Do it, pull the trigger, buy The Bitch NOW.
All I can say is, Thank you, John.

Blue skies,


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