Monday, November 28, 2011

How we came to write our stories for OFF THE RECORD

Hi folks,

Over at Patti Abbott's blog, you'll find a series of posts from the writers who contributed stories to Luca Veste's anthology, OFF THE RECORD. Today, I'm one of the writers up, along with Benoit Lelievre. Check it out at:


Blue skies,


The Teddy Bear Family said...

I sure hope Cat never reads your story. lol

Les Edgerton said...

You've got a point! She tried to kill me several times... Did stab another girl I was seeing at the same time and tried to stab me and shot at me once and another time tried to run me down with her car (that I'd bought for her) in Fat City. She was just... exciting!

Great memories!

But, I don't think she reads. She didn't have a normal education. Her mother was a junkie and sold her to Carlos (the Godfather) when she was 8 and then she made the career mistake of turning 12 and got way too old for him and he threw her out. I met her when she was 25 and had graduated to call girl status. We met in a bucket of blood one night and she took me home with her and the next day asked me to move in with her. Kind of an ego trip to have a top call girl like your "moves" enough to have you live with her. She makes a big appearance in my memoir which I hope will be out next year.