Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review of Julia Madeleine's novel NO ONE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM

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The term “novel” means exactly that; something original, something new. And, each novel should be exactly that.

Precisely what Julia Madeleine’s novel, NO ONE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM is. An original work.

For starters, it takes us inside the mind of a brutal criminal. Madeleine isn’t the first novelist to do so, but unlike many who attempt to convey criminals to their readers, hers rings true. As a former criminal myself, I’m perhaps more sensitive to how writers portray outlaws, and to be honest, most get it wrong. Trust me--Julia doesn’t.

This is a brilliant character study on several levels. Involved is a teenager with mental issues, a father and stepmother with mental and emotional issues, a criminal with mental issues—in short, a typical dysfunctional family. Seriously, the insights delivered into these characters are brilliant and come on nearly every page.

NO ONE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM reminded me in a way of Charles Bukowski’s best story (imo), “The Fiend” in that it delivers a man who is presumably totally evil to most who might know him, but shows the spark of humanity that resides in all of us, even the worst among us.

If you like your fiction dark and original and to keep you up late at night turning the pages, this is the novel for you.

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