Saturday, March 3, 2012


HI folks,
Well, the novel tournament over at Brian Lindenmuth's Spinetingler Magazine continues. The star of our team, Jake, hit the winning shot as he was falling down, to advance JUST LIKE THAT into the field of sixteen. Yay, Jake! We may have lost him for the rest of the tourney as he went out celebrating last night and no one's seen him since...

Anyway, if you get a chance head on over and vote for our team, JUST LIKE THAT. If we win, we plan on spending the money on botox treatments for our head cheerleader, Sandi. (And, yes, Sandi spells her name with an i and dots it with a heart...) Sandi, has a particularly sad life story. When she was three, her parents lost her at the mall and security guards raised her. Horrible childhood! Shop, shop, shop... until your feet fall off! In a way, however, Sandi was lucky. When she was born, both her hands were in the exact shape and size of a credit card, which made her childhood much easier than it could have been. Actually, much better than if she'd been found and raised by wolves...

Sandi will be awaiting the outcome of this round, nervously sipping on a mimosa over at her regular table at Spago's. Let's don't let this brave girl down! Go to and vote for JUST LIKE THAT, and let's book that treatment for this little warrior!

Some terrific books are left in the tourney and some terrific books have already departed. If you're looking for a list of good reading material for this coming year, just copy down the titles you'll see here.

Blue skies,

P.S. If you haven't read JUST LIKE THAT, just scoot on over to and pick up a copy. Also, if you have time, please click on the "Like" button. It's at 44 "Likes" and I'm told when it hits 50 Amazon does neat things for the book in terms of marketing. That would be nice! Then I could get MY operation...

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