Sunday, February 17, 2013

Early review for The Rapist, a birthday gift, and an interview

Hi folks,

Lots of stuff happening in the last few days. First, I got a call from my best buddy, Tom Rough who owns the Taglio Salon in Scottsdale, AZ to wish me a happy birthday... and to give me a present. He knows I'm a lifelong and avid fan of the S.F. Giants so he's flying me out to Arizona for four days on his dime and got tickets for us to the Giants-Reds spring training game. He was amazed that they were sold out--in a spring training game!--but among his friends is an announcer for the Diamondbacks and through him we got seats.

And, while I'm out there I'm going to have lunch with a bunch of my online class students! I began this class while teaching online for Phoenix College and they still form the backbone of the class. I can't wait to break bread (and the seal on a Jack Daniels' bottle) with them!

Easily the best birthday present I've ever received! And, I get to hang out with Tom and his gorgeous wife and daughter, Lisa and Nicola. More J.D.... And sun! Sun! No snow! Can't get better than that!

Me and Tom on my last visit to him at his house in The Boulders, Carefree, AZ.

Then, my publisher at New Pulp Press, Jon Bassoff, emailed me the link to an early review of THE RAPIST and it's a honey! Check it out here. Getting a comparison to Jim Thompson is the cherry on top of the sundae!

And, then, today, an interview I did with a writer in Holland came out. You can read my exchange with Alex Laybourne here. This is Part I and Part II comes out tomorrow, so if you enjoy the first part, bookmark the site and come back tomorrow. Our mutual friend, Kristen Lamb, introduced us. Thanks, Kristen!

I forgot to ask him if he's ever stuck his finger in a dike... That's probably a stereotype, right, Alex?

And, now, Mary and I are off to visit my youngest daughter Sienna and her terrific husband Jason and our cute-as-hell and smart-as-hell grandson Logan for the day in Michigan. Haven't seen her in two years so this is going to be a great day!

Blue skies,


Jack Getze said...

Enjoy the day!

Sarah Faurote said...

Great blog. I really dig the pic of you and Tom in wife beater undershirts. Guys! LOL! Hurry.up! I have to read the final version of THE RAPIST. Peace, love. Drinks soon, my super mentor!

Sarah Faurote said...

That was an insanely, rock hard review! Holy shit , hang on- the ride is about to start. Les- this is it. I thought The Bitch was it. I am so proud. I am blessed to know you, my friend.

Les Edgerton said...

Hi Jack and Sarah--thanks, guys! I just got back from Michigan after a wonderful day with my daughter Sienna and her husband Jason and my grandson, Logan. Great day!