Friday, March 22, 2013

Audio version of JUST LIKE THAT

Hi folks,

My publisher, StoneGate Publishing, has just released an audio version of my novel JUST LIKE THAT and it's currently on sale for only $1.99. The regular price is $19.95,so I'd glom onto it asap if interesed.

They had previously released an audio version of THE PERFECT CRIME, but I wasn't knocked over by the narrator on that one. They got a new voice actor for Just Like That and it's quite good.

Just click on the photo and it'll take you to the Amazon link.

Sales of THE RAPIST are really doing well and it's getting a bunch of 5-star reviews. Thanks to all who've purchased copies--either paperback or ebook versions--and thanks so much for your wonderful reviews. Seeing as I don't have a 401K or any other form of retirement income other than SS, this is my retirement, so when I say "thanks" I mean THANKS! Keeps me in a better brand of cat food!

Blue skies,

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