Monday, April 13, 2015

New paperback version of FINDING YOUR VOICE

Hi folks,

I have a bit of cool news. Years ago, I wrote my first craft book, Finding Your Voice, and Writer’s Digest Books published it. Last year, they decided not to bring out an ebook version and graciously gave me back my ebook rights to it. My agent went about the work of getting out an ebook version and it’s continued to do well

Well, Writer’s Digest has recently sold out all the paperback copies of it and again, graciously ceded me those rights also. And, we were able to bring out the paperback version of it along with the ebook and now you can obtain it in a paperback version.

That means it’s now available in three versions—ebook, paperback and also a Snippets version. The Snippets version is really cool. It’s an abridged ebook version and sprinkled with “snippets” (videos) of me discussing various points throughout the book. I had a lot of fun helping create it and I’ve had a lot of people tell me they really like the idea of watching the videos.

The ebook and paperback version are available here on Amazon. The Snippets version is also available at their site and also on the blog here.

Hope you enjoy one of the versions!

Blue skies,