Sunday, May 21, 2023


Hi folks,


I’ve teamed up with fellow writer Jack Holland and we’ve created a podcast on writing I hope you’ll tune into and give a listen. It’s called “Les and Jack on Writing.” (Catchy title, eh?)


Here’s the setup: Jack is a student in my online writing class, “Les Edgerton’s Bootcamp for Writers.” For the past 29 years, Jack has worked as a screenwriter and playwright in L.A. Last year he decided to write his first novel and joined my class. While possessing a vast knowledge in the film business, he found out quickly that writing fiction is a much different enterprise. He moved to Ft. Wayne for two reasons. His lovely wife Kim is from here originally and contacted some health problems that necessitated leaving California and he had two options—his home in NYC and Kim’s home in Ft. Wayne. The deciding factor, he told me was that he’d been reading my craft book HOOKED for several years and discovered this was where I lived so they decided to become Hoosiers so he could study directly with me and Kim could be close to her own family. Very flattering! This week will be his third session with the class and he’s come a long, long way!


We decided to come up with a different format for the podcast. What we’re doing is chatting as friend to friend and as student to mentor and work each week on his novel. Already, Jack has made several dramatic breakthroughs and his novel improves by leaps and bounds each week. We’re both very excited about the direction it’s taking. And, we both immediately saw the value our conversations could have for other writers, both those relatively newcomers to writing fiction as well as seasoned professionals. Also, because of Jack’s background in the movie and theatre business, each week I learn a lot about how that business works and others will find his insights both entertaining and valuable.


In short, we feel we’re creating a product that will prove valuable to both tyros and seasoned vets. We’ve already picked up some listeners and subscribers whose names many of you will recognize.


From time to time, we plan to have folks from both the current class as well as former members joining in our conversations. As more than three dozen past attendees have published their novels written in class—in several cases, multiple novels—you’ll be treated to some downright talented folks.


It is with great expectations we welcome you to tune in and also contribute in the comments each week. It will sometimes get raucous—our class is called a “bootcamp” for a reason. We simply tell it like it is and strive to always be honest and at times that hurts people’s feelings. Sorry… but not sorry. If a teacher isn’t honest in evaluating a writer’s work, it’s the cruelest thing he can do. We tell folks what’s wrong but we also tell them why and how to fix it. There’s a lot of pure-d bullshit floating around out there… We aim to keep the smell down…

Hope we see you!


Places to hear Jack’s and my podcast.


We’ve got about half a dozen shows out there and aim to post at least one new one per week.

Blue skies,

Les and Jack

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Dom Theresa said...

Thanks, Les! I look forward to tuning in to the Podcast.