Monday, December 31, 2012


Hi folks,
I’m starting to get my appearance/speaking schedule together for the coming year. I’m very pleased to be able to announce two events I’ll be presenting at in particular—the Idaho Writers & Readers Rendezvous in Boise, Idaho, May 2-4. It will be my first time in the state of Idaho and I’m really pumped up to go!

Here’s some info and pertinent links to the event. I hope I see a few of my friends from here there!

Come to the Rendezvous!
In the early nineteenth century the Rendezvous was the event of the year on the western frontier. Mountain men and Native Americans trapping along the streams and valleys of the Rocky Mountains gathered annually to sell their furs, trade for supplies, and tell stories. In that tradition, we welcome you to our annual gathering of writers and readers...

Go here for complete info.

Faculty includes authors, agents, screenwriters, editors, publishers, educators,  poets, and other industry professionals, including: myself, C.J. Box, Elaine Ambrose, Ron Carlson, Michael Collings, Claudia Cross, Anthony Doerr, David James Duncan, Rachel Gibson, Larry Habegger, Janet Holmes, Daniel Manus, Steve Moore, Clay Morgan, Joanne Pence, John Rember, Jamie Talan, Mitch Wieland and others to be announced.

There will be:
  • Author panels
  • Writing workshops
  • One-on-ones: Manuscript and pitch sessions
  • Contests (cash awards!): Short story, poetry, short screenplay, and exciting new "collaborative story telling" categories
  • Open mic nights
  • Book signings and marketplace
  • Small-group dining with an agent, editor, or author
  • Saturday night awards banquet
  • PLUS Pre-Conference Interactive Workshop on Thursday afternoon
The cost is $195 (or $175 for members of the Idaho Writers Guild and students)

Sponsored by the Idaho Writers Guild and the BSU Story Initiative

A limited number of slots are available for lunch on Friday, May 3, or on Saturday, May 4, with a presenter and a few other conference participants. The fee is $20. This does not include the cost of your meal. List your three choices from the following list on your registration form. These slots will go fast, so register early!

Available for FRIDAY LUNCH are:
Larry Habegger, Author, Editor, Journalist
John Rember, Author
Elaine Ambrose, Author & Publisher

Available for SATURDAY LUNCH are:
C.J. Box, Author
Les Edgerton, Author
Janet Holmes, Poet
Clay Morgan, Author, Director of BSU Story Initiative

The locations and times for the meals will be announced at a later date.
I can’t wait to see real mountains!

The second event I’ll be participating in is the annual Writer’s Retreat Workshops. I was a presenter at two of the WRW events in 2009 when they were held in Marydale, Kentucky. They’ve now moved to Minnesota and I’m stoked to be going to what looks like a fabulous resort. Click here for the website.


Co-founded in 1987 by the late Gary Provost (author and internationally acclaimed teacher of writing for publication) and his wife Gail, the ten-day WRITERS RETREAT WORKSHOP is an intensive learning experience for small groups of serious-minded writers who are committed to improving and completing their novels for submission. For those who consider their writing to be a vital part of their lives, one they wish to develop as fully as possible, WRW provides the ideal experience. Jason Sitzes is the leader and one of the most knowledgeable and astute writing teachers in the nation.

June 14 - 23
Villa Maria Retreat and Conference Center
Frontenac, MN

Register early to reserve your space
(limited spaces available)

You'll attend class each morning and be taught WRW's in-depth, step-by-step course for crafting your novel, of any genre, for publication. This is not formulaic novel instruction. There is no such formula. Gary broke down novel structure scene-by-scene, dissected characters, taught how to choose words with impact, and shared many other fine details novelists must learn as second nature. Here, at WRW, we review these stylistic tools over and over throughout the week until you leave feeling equipped, inspired, and revitalized about your novel. We don't teach the art-- we teach the craft and instruct you on how to nurture the artist. Class instruction uses examples from classic to bestsellers of that day. Prior to the workshop you will be given a list of books used and a series of pre-workshop assignments. During the workshop you will be given assignments, then go back to your private room or one of the various outdoor spots to write. All work focuses on your novel, so while you work on your story's structure, our dedicated staff will be available to brainstorm with you on your plot. In small group sessions, while learning how to diagnose your own and others' style strengths and weaknesses, you'll also boost your editing skills.

Other optional activities include 7am Early Bird sessions, evening wine and appetizer Shop Talks (featuring agents, instructors, students, and authors), Book Signing night, 10pm Night Owl Sessions, and ample 1-1 opportunities with core and visiting staff. WRW is as close to a ten-day, 20+ hour workshop as you can get. It's unparalleled in what it offers. And most of all, if you want only a nice writing retreat in which you work on your book and socialize when needed-- it's that as well. The only request of new participants is that you attend the morning sessions based on Gary Provost's groundbreaking course-- and you'll want to anyway. WRW is immersion in the writing world whether you're writing genre, literary fiction, children's literature, memoirs, short stories, or any number of creative writing endeavors. That's why top agents and authors return year after year.

Assisting you throughout the ten days will be WRW mentors and In-Residence guests, including authors/agents/editors who will share with you the truth about today's publishing "business" and --when they meet with you -- how best to market your novel-in-progress.

Folks, I’ve been privileged to have been able to participate in a lot of great events, but truly, nothing matches WRW. It’s just amazing. I can guarantee you won’t want to leave when the time comes!
The trip there is going to be fantastic. A very good friend, Bob Stewart, is driving his Jeep up from where he lives in San Antonio to pick me up. Along the way, another friend, Carl Brush, is flying into Louisville from his home in Oakland, California, where he’ll meet up with Bob and they’ll drive up to Ft. Wayne to pick me up and then we’ll continue to Minnesota. Road trip!

And, then... one of my true heroes, crime/noir/literary writer Anthony Neil Smith, who lives in Minnesota, is going to meet us for adult beverages and adult conversations one day in Minneapolis! I'm looking forward to that as much as the retreat itself!

This is just an up-close-and-personal writer’s event. We spend the entire day on various writing lectures, exercises, seminars and all kinds of writing-related activities and then at night, will hang out and enjoy adult beverages and wonderful socializing and mingling. It’s a writers’ Nirvana!
I know I’m going to meet many old friends and a lot of folks come back every year from all over the world and am going to make new friends also.

If you can make it, I’d strongly urge you to consider going. It will be an experience you’ll treasure all of your life.

Blue skies,



Anonymous said...

I need to start pinching pennies so I can attend one of these. Or sell a child...oh, wait...they're grown. Perhaps I could rent hubby out?

Neil said...

We'll see you in MN. Got to pick out a sweet dive for the "summit". Minneapolis rocks. My fave city.

Sarah Faurote said...

Time to start saving. I want to go to Idaho! It sounds wonderful and not too expensive.

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Dawn and Sarah--it'd be the bomb if you guys could come! And, Neil--I can't wait to see if it's true--that you never buy a round...

Seriously, hanging with you is going to be the highlight!

Veronica Sicoe said...

Sounds like you have a busy year ahead, Les! Wish you TONS of success and that you meet a lot of talented folks and just have the time of your life!

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Veronica! I wish the very same things for you!