Sunday, December 23, 2012

In paperback now!

Hi folks,

Don't mean to keep pimping MIRROR, MIRROR quite so much, but just had two things happen that may be interesting to you.

One, the International Thriller Writers organization has just featured it in their online magazine, The  Big Thrill. You can check it out here.

The second thing is that it's now available as a paperback for $9.99! I'm really excited about this! They were able to get it out earlier than they thought. If you order it within the next 20 hours it will be delivered the day after Christmas. You can get it here.

Okay. I'm done pimping it!

Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday!

Blue skies,

It wasn't a virgin birth, but it was a birth... This is my wife Mary giving birth to our baby boy, Mike. Believe it or not, I experienced sympathy birth pangs... It was all I could do to take the photo of the blessed event...
What's nice about this method of birth is that one never has to go through the "terrible twos..."